What’s Not to Love About Incognito Appliances?

Adult orthodontics

Not All Secrets Must Be Known

Dr. Devin S. Cochran understands that as an adult, one does not always want to disclose their use of corrective dental appliances. Even though it no longer carries the same stigma it did years ago, braces are braces, unless they are incognito. Most envision big bulky silver brackets and wires that are hard to miss. Incognito are lingual appliances, so they are virtually invisible on the back of the teeth.

Revolutionary Design

The Incognito Appliance System is the only fixed orthodontic appliance on the market that is 100% customized. Cochran Orthodontics is proud to offer this unique treatment to the people of San Antonio, TX. An impression is made of the patient’s teeth to begin the process. The impressions are sent to the lab where state-of-the-art technology works its magic. From computer-aided design and manufacturing to the precision of robotics for completion, the outcome is a set of one-of-a-kind dental appliances.

Dr. Cochran will analyze and approve the final set-up before the appliances are made. A set-up is simply a model of the mouth and teeth as they will be after treatment. Customization is so detailed that the position of the brackets on the bases is even optimized for superior corrective performance. A 3D model is used to plan the position and shape of the arch wires that will be used throughout treatment. Once again, robotic technology is used to bend the archwires to patient specifications.

Futuristic Treatment

The bases and brackets are low profile, so are much less intrusive than traditional lingual brackets. This low profile design is also why they are basically invisible, unless of course, the patient chooses to show them off. Another added comfort comes from each base having highly polished gold overlay, which is smooth like a natural tooth. Because the archwires are customized, visible change in the position of the teeth is noticeable relatively quickly.

Dr. Cochran is the San Antonio orthodontist to see for this revolutionary dental appliance. Incognito appliances will keep the need for braces secret for anyone who wants treatment without added attention.