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San Antonio Orthodontist, Dr. Devin S. Cochran DDS MS, specializes in all aspects of Orthodontics including traditional braces, clear , lingual  (hidden) and Invisalign. We know that a straight smile doesn’t just help your self-confidence; it also benefits your oral health, overall appearance and quality of life. Call our orthodontic team for your complimentary smile analysis with Cochran Orthodontics! ($249 value)

Our dedication as your San Antonio orthodontist is giving patients a new reason to smile!

Dr. Devin Cochran and his qualified team offer various types of treatments for giving you your beautiful smile back. We offer a variety of dental braces, from traditional to more aesthetically pleasing options such as Invisalign – clear aligners. With our advanced techniques, we can improve your overall dental health and help all types of patients, including those suffering from overbite, underbite, deep bites, misaligned teeth, malocclusion, gaps in your teeth and a whole host of other concerns that include your teeth and jaws.

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Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry dedicated to correcting teeth and jaws that are not positioned correctly. When teeth are crooked or do not fit together properly, it’s a lot harder to keep them clean and run the risk of early tooth loss due to tooth decay and periodontal disease. Misaligned teeth also cause extra stress on the mouth muscles, which can lead to issues such as TMJ syndrome, headaches, as well as shoulder pain. Crooked or misaligned teeth can also detract from a person’s appearance, and lead to a lack of confidence in your appearance. So come and give us a call to schedule an appointment today! Expect our Orthodontist to give you a confident beautiful smile for the days and years to come.


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New location in Alamo Heights!

We are proud to announce our new location at the Lincoln Heights shopping center in Alamo Heights. This practice was previously owned by Dr. Glory Marshall for over 20 years. We are excited to be here and look forward to helping people in the city of Alamo Heights. We are next to Stein Mart on the left. Drop in and take a look at our newest location!


Impressive Service – Friendly Staff
From the moment you walk in the door it is the most warm and friendly atmosphere. Super impressed with every person we dealt with. My twins got on braces today, AMAZING experience. THANKS.

Dana D.

Professional and Friendly
Dr. Cochran and everyone in his office are amazing. Getting braces as an adult is not fun, but Ashley made me feel so comfortable. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cochran to anyone needing orthodontic care.

Lori G.

High quality and concerned with patient readiness
We’ve been seeing Dr. Cochran for two years now as free consultations for orthodontics, and he is patient and provides and educated explanation of why delaying orthodontics for my girls right now is best.

Kelly P.

Fast and accurate!
Dr. Cochran and staff are great. Never have to wait more than 5 minutes after arriving at the office. In and out quickly. They also tell you how long your next appointment should take so you can plan your day. Staff is polite and understanding. Definitely would recommend to family and friends.

Chasity C.

Definitely recommend
Everyone is kind and helpful. The office is very clean and easy to get to. The staff seems knowledgeable and takes time to answer all questions.

Nicike B.
San Antonio orthodontics


Both of our San Antonio locations have state of the art equipment that allow orthodontist to perform any orthodontic procedure that you or your child may require. Click below for a tour.


The technology used in orthodontics has improved a lot over the years, and there are now a lot more options to help correct dental issues, not just braces. We understand that each patient is different, so we strive to provide the treatment that will best suit your specific and individual needs. With our friendly team of experts and advanced equipment, we are confident that we will be able to help you get that perfect smile.

Both of our San Antonio locations have state of the art equipment that allow us to perform any orthodontic services that you or your child may require. At Cochran Orthodontics, your treatment and oral health are our top priorities. We will thoroughly evaluate your needs and make sure that you get the orthodontic assistance that you need. Dr. Devin Cochran DDS MS is considered one of the top Orthodontists in San Antonio

Emergency Care

San Antonio orthodontists

We understand that an orthodontic emergency can happen at any time. We offer immediate assistance for all oral emergencies.


Adult Orthodontics

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We know that it’s never too late to fix your smile, and our team of experienced orthodontists is able to give you the smile you deserve.


Children Orthodontics

san antonio children's orthodontists

When you catch orthodontic problems early, they can be treated more appropriately, thereby avoiding issues in the future.



san antonio orthodontics

A new alternative to traditional braces. More inconspicuous, making them a great option for adults wanting to correct their smile.



Suresmile braces are advanced archwires, which orthodontists use to straighten teeth using 3-D imaging.



Lingual braces behind the teeth.


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The benefits of proper orthodontic treatment and care go far beyond a more pleasing appearance; they include teeth that are more likely to last a lifetime and a healthier mouth. If you’re interested in undergoing orthodontic care , contact Cochran Orthodontics today to schedule your appointment.

Did You know this about Braces?

Some forms of Braces are said to have been used as far back as 300BC. Archeologists have unearthed mummified bodies that clearly show metal bands wrapped around the teeth. The Romans used gold wires to accomplish teeth straightening. Wonder how that worked out? Braces came clearly to the forefront in the 18th and 19th century. In 1728, a dentist in France (Pierre Fauchard) who, as it is told, is credited with inventing modern orthodontia and braces to straighten crooked teeth. A couple of decades later, another french dentist suggested extracting premolar teeth to prevent crowding. More improvements were made in the 19th century. The appliance we know as braces pretty much came to light in the 20th century.

Credit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dental_braces