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Frequently Asked Questions about Braces


Frequently Asked Questions about Braces 1. Why do people need braces? There are many reasons one person may need braces: crowded teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth, jaws not growing right, bad overbite, open bite and the list continues. Not everyone needs braces if they go early enough to the orthodontists and have their teeth checked [...]

Braces vs Invisalign – which is better?


Braces vs Invisalign - which is better? If you or your child needs braces, you probably have a lot of questions when it comes to using braces versus using Invisalign as your orthodontic treatment. There are various differences when it comes to effectiveness and cost, but we understand that you will want to choose the [...]

Maxillary Expansion and Increased Airway


Maxillary Expansion and Increased Airway Generally speaking, when people think about going to the orthodontist, they think about getting braces. They don’t generally think about all of the complex knowledge that goes into having those braces put in. Orthodontists actually have to know a great deal about the anatomy of the mouth and airways in [...]

Expose Impacted Cuspids


Expose Impacted Cuspids Complex Cuspids Cuspids are better known as canines, or eye teeth. They are crucial to a proper bite as they guide the other teeth into place. Some time around 12-13 years of age, the maxillary (upper) canines should erupt. Dr. Devin S. Cochran is the orthodontist to see in San Antonio, Texas [...]

To Treat or Not to Treat?


What’s Not to Love About Incognito Appliances? Not All Secrets Must Be Known Dr. Devin S. Cochran understands that as an adult, one does not always want to disclose their use of corrective dental appliances. Even though it no longer carries the same stigma it did years ago, braces are braces, unless they are incognito. [...]

SureSmile and its Benefits


SureSmile and its Benefits Your smile is the first thing that many people will notice when they meet you. A healthy and attractive smile can improve your confidence, knowing that you like what you see in the mirror and that others find your smile engaging. But what if you aren’t happy because your teeth are [...]